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Welcome to the World of Modern Dating


The word of dating has changed so much in recent times it can be quite difficult to know where to actually begin.  This is especially true for those men who have been single for a while, have gotten used to their independence and having no one to rely on but themselves.

There comes a time though, when you want to get back into the world of dating but don’t know where to begin the search for the perfect woman in their life.  Let me just dispel one myth – there is no such thing as the perfect woman – or man for that matter so, if that’s what you are pinning all your hopes on, you’re on to a loser right from the start.

The Online Search

Online dating is one of the most popular forms of modern dating there is. Obviously, it has its downfalls but it can lead to something you never thought to have again.  However, if you don’t do it right, online dating can be a real disaster.

So, where do you start?  The first thing to do is look for a site that is right for your age group and the type of relationship you are seeking.  Make sure you have plenty of genuine photographs of yourself to add to the site.

Please don’t use fake ones – it happens all the time and it just leads to disappointment.  Many people who find that their prospective partner has used fake photos start to lose trust and that is not a good thing in anyone’s book.

Honesty really is the Best Policy

When it comes to filling in your profile, be honest about everything. Make it clear what sort of relationship you are looking for. Be truthful about yourself, your hobbies and what you are looking for in a woman.

Use at least 3 photos, including a full body one. Your prospective partner wants to see all of you, not just your face!  Make sure you are dressed in the photos though – you would be surprised how many pictures appear on these sites with very little clothing in evidence!

The Search for Happiness

When you search the site for a prospective partner, be careful.  Not every woman on the site is honest!  Some tend to put up what they think will give them the best chance, not what is real.  Be aware of those who put their status as “available” – it doesn’t necessarily mean single.

Look at what they are saying in their profiles and, if necessary read between the lines. Someone who says they are looking for a man who is financially secure might just be after your cash and not you! Of course, it could mean that she just wants someone who isn’t going to sponge off her but, as with the way you complete your own profile, it’s all in the wording.

Good luck with your search and be careful out there – the modern dating world has, on occasion, been likened to being thrown into a shark pit!

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Top 3 Ways of Having Her Respect You More

All the hype that has set certain needs for men and women in a relationship is somewhat true, as it is backed with years of research and general acceptance of opinion- Men crave for respect where women crave for love. Both love and respect go along together, but as women need more affirmation for being loved, similarly men need reassurance of being respected sincerely.

Since many relationships have come to an end due to this vicious cycle, here’s how men can have women regard them in better ways to cultivate the habit of taking care of each other’s needs. Investing a little time consciously in any intimate relationship is bound to bounce back with fruitful results that would last for years.

1) Take the Lead

In order to be in the position where she respects you and looks up to you, be worthy of it by taking the lead. Simply, be proactive with normal to serious decisions and keep her in the loop. Although you should seek advice so that mutual understanding develops, but the final word must remain with you. The fact that a woman can rely on someone and be guarded with all meager and major issues is enough to muster enough respect to make a relationship steady.

2) Maintain Distance With Her Girlfriends

Even if she persists that you must be friendly with her girlfriends, do not cross the lines and act too pushy, silly or funny in front of them. Maintain your stance like a gentleman, how you behave in front of her girls will definitely be a topic of discussion behind your back, and if this sums up to positive points, consider her yours. Keep your lady in the limelight even when there are other women around. This would build her confidence in you and will definitely make you worthy of respect in your presence and absence.

3) Be a Good Listener

Men have the tendency to look out for solutions as and when women start ranting about daily issues. Stop, listen and simply understand. If she needs your solutions, she will ask for it and be there to help her out. Otherwise, try being a good listener. She will remember how you were there at times when she was falling apart and will surely be more patient, forgiving and loving towards you when you need it the most.

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How to Use Women’s Multitasking Talent to Your Advantage


Some men simply find it hard to accept and embrace this known fact: women are better a multitasking than men. How do you explain not recalling what you wife was discussing with you while you were watching your favorite TV show? Why is it that no matter how hard you try, you just can’t work on your laptop while chatting on the phone, looking after your son, and cooking dinner?

The First Step is Acceptance

Admit it. Even if you’re a better multitasker than most men, chances are you still won’t be able to compete with a woman when it comes to juggling several tasks at the same time and doing them all wonderfully.

So rather than trying to keep up with your wife or trying to prove your multitasking skills to your sister, it’s best to just use women’s multitasking talent to your own advantage. This way, you can work together to achieve more.

Let the Woman Answer the Phone or Attend to the Door

At times, even when you’re busy at home, there are distracting phone calls or unexpected visitors that can take up your time and sidetrack you. In such cases, just let your mom, sister, or wife attend to them so that you can do what you do best— focus on that one thing you need to get done before you move on to the next. At least if the woman does it, she’s more capable of dealing with it while still getting her other chores completed.

Leave Event Planning to the Women

If you’re organizing a party at home, let the women handle all the planning, discussing with suppliers, and budgeting. They can be very creative when it comes to these things, aside from being able to manage the various aspects and details all at the same time.

In the office, choose a woman to lead the planning and coordination of an event if you’re in the position to do so. If you’re assigned as the leader, make sure you have a female assistant to help you out in handling the planned tasks along with unplanned situations and activities.

Of course you can always provide the ideas, layout of plans, etc. But on the day itself, it’s best to leave it in the hands of a woman who’s innately better equipped to cope with sudden glitches and unforeseen events.

Men and women are meant to support each other and work together. If you know how to balance your strengths and weaknesses with those of your female partner or colleague, then you’ll definitely get more done.

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